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#Giveaway Review THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO BULLYING by Aija Mayrock @aijamayrock #SurvivalGuidetoBullying @Scholastic

#Giveaway Review THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO BULLYING by Aija Mayrock @aijamayrock #SurvivalGuidetoBullying @ScholasticThe Survival Guide to Bullying: Written by a Teen by Aija Mayrock
ISBN: 0545860539
Published by Scholastic Inc. on June 30th 2015
Pages: 160
Format: Paperback

NEW, updated edition! Written by a teenager who was bullied throughout middle school and high school, this kid-friendly book offers a fresh and relatable perspective on bullying. Along the way, the author offers guidance as well as different strategies that helped her get through even the toughest of days.   The Survival Guide to Bullying covers everything from cyber bullying to how to deal with fear and how to create the life you dream of having. From inspiring "roems" (rap poems), survival tips, personal stories, and quick quizzes, this book will light the way to a brighter future. This updated edition also features new, never-before-seen content including a chapter about how to talk to parents, an epilogue, and an exclusive Q&A with the author.  

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Aija has experienced bullying, both in middle and high school and instead of just taking it, she decides to write a guide to help others survive this epidemic.  Ages ago, when I was in middle grade, I was bullied but didn’t realize it at the time.  There was one mean girl who always made others feel horrible about themselves.  I wish I would have had something like this at the time.  I am so glad that the “usual business” of bullies is now being called out and recognized for what it is.

Most parents tell you to ignore the bully, but what if the abuse is so constant that it starts to create issues that can no longer be ignored?  Mayrock gives step by step instructions to get the help you need and sympathetically encourages even the most hopeless person to stand up to this horrible act. I am so glad that Mayrock also included a part about cyber-bullying since agian this is probably the worst form ever.  It even extends to adults online.   Parents:  This book is a great first step to opening up a conversation about something that might be happening to your child.

About Aija Mayrock:

Aija Mayrock is a 19-year-old girl who experienced bullying firsthand. Instead of letting her experiences break her down, she channeled her positive energy into writing and self-publishing The Survival Guide to Bullying, where she shares the strategies that helped her survive and thrive. Aija writes about how to handle bullying, cyber bullying, dealing with fear, personal safety, and ultimately creating the life that you dream of having. Aija is also an accomplished screenwriter. Her film Diego received a Silver Key from Scholastic’s Art and Writing Awards. Visit Aija online at

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  1. Crystal Cox says

    My daughter is part of the anti bully group at school and I’m sure she would love to have this book 🙂